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amain, apace, apparently, aridly, as it seems, at first sight, at once, barrenly, bloodlessly, by forced marches, colorlessly, cursorily, dismally, draggily, drearily, drearisomely, dryly, dully, dustily, effetely, emptily, expeditiously, exteriorly, externally, feverishly, frivolously, furiously, hand over fist, hastily, heavily, helter-skelter, hollowly, hotfoot, hurriedly, hurry-scurry, idly, immaterially, immediately, in passing, inanely, inconsequentially, insignificantly, insipidly, instantly, jejunely, lifelessly, lightly, on the outside, on the run, on the surface, openly, ostensibly, out, outside, outwardly, outwards, pallidly, pell-mell, pettily, ploddingly, pointlessly, ponderously, prima facie, promptly, publically, quickly, seemingly, shallowly, slapdash, slowly, speedily, spiritlessly, stodgily, stuffily, swiftly, tastelessly, tediously, to all appearances, to all seeming, to the eye, triflingly, trivially, unessentially, unimportantly, uninterestingly, vapidly, with a rush, with all haste, with dispatch, with haste, without

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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